About Us

About Design & Build

DESIGN & BUILD is a group of designers, architects, and engineers from various backgrounds both nationally and internationally collaborated to create new and unique design alternatives and make sure that tasks execution meets the standards and fulfills client's expectations.

Based in Alexandria, Egypt; DESIGN & BUILD teams are ready to deploy and mobilize all across the country to deliver a unique and special projects in different design fields. Also DESIGN & BUILD cooperate with design and construction firms in KSA for consultation, technical support, design and project management projects. .

Design & Build

Our Mission

To deliver exceptional design ideas and fit-out projects’ handover through the collaborative process that encourages multidisciplinary professionals to research alternatives, share knowledge, and imagine new ways to solve challenges ahead by blending human needs, environmental stewardship, value creation, science, and art.

Design & Build

Our Vision

To become the go-to firm for delivering and executing exceptional designs that combine aesthetics and practicality without compromises for any business In the MENA area. We want our work to stand apart and become a symbol for what you and your business stand for and help you portray your image to the world in the best way both offline and online.